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US Driving License

One of the little but vital items to get right is to get a US driving license. Even though, as a tourist you can stay up to 90 days, if you have a US car with a US address once you are over 30 days it is compulsory to have a US license. There is […]

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Car Tag? What’s a Car Tag?

No one in Europe really has a clue what this is, but it is a very small sticker on your rear number plate (they don’t have a front number plate) that says to a policeman that your insurance is in order. The equivalent in Ireland and the UK is car tax. You can’t get car […]

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The L1 Visa in Florida

The great bonus about expanding your business into Florida by using the L1 Visa is that your spouse and children automatically get a visa too. Myself as a L1 Visa holder has to concentrate on expanding my main business from Ireland and the UK but that s what the whole purpose was for however my […]

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