US Driving License

florida idOne of the little but vital items to get right is to get a US driving license. Even though, as a tourist you can stay up to 90 days, if you have a US car with a US address once you are over 30 days it is compulsory to have a US license.

There is a driving license office in every little town but unless you do the right thing which is:


  • Make an appointment (which no one tells you that you can do), then you should go in early and queue up like everybody else.

What you need to bring is:

  1. your passport,
  2. proof of address,
  3. proof of vehicle ownership,
  4. proof of insurance

• And the “car tag”. (that’s another story)

They will photograph you, give you a temporary form and in about 2 weeks a US license in credit card style will arrive at your address.4ward2afriend

This is much more valuable than people realize. Florida residents, which your US license proves, gives you an unquestioned 15% discount on all of the attractions and many of the restaurants and accommodations that Florida offers.

Therefore, instead of it being a last minute item make it a first minute item.

Get the US license. It is worth the hassle.

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