Opening a Florida Bank Account

All of these items more or less take an entire day. It is very important when you are relocating to the States or expanding your business there that you as soon as possible start setting up a “credit record”.credit score
In Europe, although credit records exist, they are not a life or death situation.

However in Florida, the credit record is vital.

If there is any hiccup in paying off a loan or being late on a credit card or a bill this can really affect your doing business in Florida.

The first step in order to getting a high rating is opening a bank account. Essentially, we always recommend you use one of the main banks most likely Bank of America. They are on every street corner they have an excellent online system and are the biggest bank in the USA.

Be prepared:

  • phone up and
  • make an appointment,
  • bring your passport,
  • a copy of your visa and
  • 2 proof of address.

By the time you receive pin numbers and account details some of it will be on the day and some of it will be a week or two later but get the system going.4ward2afriend

In order to build a credit record you will need to borrow some money and pay it off. Even if you don’t need to, do it.

By arriving fresh into the US, you will have the record of a 16 year old even though you might be decades older than this.

These items that don’t seem that important initially but down the road it can really hamper you if you haven’t built up a good record.

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